The First Plant of Innovative Drying Technology to Build in Samegrelo

It is planned to build the first fruit and vegetable drying processing plant in Samegrelo region. The project will be implemented at the beginning of April.

Nona Tordia, the Chief enterprise officer of ltd. “Gemuani” plans to implement so-called sublimated drying method in a new enterprise, which will be equipped with innovative drying technologies.

According to her, this technologies are special because after processing dried products keep form, color, flavor, aroma, and vitamins at 98%.

“Above mentioned method is very popular in America and Europe; whereas here, in our region there is no such type of enterprise. Therefore I consider that it will be an innovative product in Georgian market”. – says Todria.

The enterprise will receive fruit and vegetables from the local population. After this starts production processing and realization in 5-6 months period.

By using sublimated drying method, it will be possible to make citrus, fruit, and vegetable chips. Additionally, the product will maintain its healthy features and pleasant taste unlike chemically made chips.” – points out  Nona Todria in her speech.

As a result Georgian food chips and dried fruits will be even exported abroad in near future. Herewith 1 400 000 USD will be invested in the enterprise.

Caucasus Business Week