Kiwi Harvest

There is another popular belief, that Georgian kiwi is one of the sweetest kiwis in the world. The content of sugar reaches 15 units (for comparison: an average index for kiwi is 10-11 units). Kiwi sort HAWARD has taken root in Georgia and is considered not only the sweetest, but also having one of the most saturated color of pulp.

“GEMUANI” company is very scrupulous about work safety regulations and labor hygiene on the plantation, especially during the harvest. We understand that the quality of our product depends directly on competence and skills of the stuff, their awareness and execution of the set rules. Well-developed infrastructure, documentation of all production processes, qualified, friendly and united staff – all these facilitate the process of monitoring and identification of the problem areas. As a reward, we get delicious, sweet and emerald green kiwi! Without nitrates and pesticides!

Health of our consumers is very important to us!!!

We are confident in the quality of our product!!!